Social messaging plays a big part in our daily lives and any company wishing to increase customer relations, needs to maximise the ways in which social messaging is used to interact with their current and potential customer base. By doing so they are improving the customer experience and in turn impacting positively on their sales.

How important?
Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and WeChat are commonplace for consumers and businesses are increasingly taking advantage of yet another channel to serve their customers.

Customer support using customer messaging software is seen as a key way to strengthen your links with customers. This is because it allows them instantaneous contact and response.

Here are 3 ways in which your business will benefit from using consumer messaging apps to connect with customers.

Global Reach:
While business in your region or country is important, companies now cast their product net far wider.

Business is a global concern for those looking to expand their customer base and increase sales. Messaging apps offer customers unrestricted communications. They do not need to be wary of communication costs such as when using SMS.

Message length restriction is not a problem and the advantage of being able to reach you privately with the expectancy of rapid response leaves a customer far happier. Happier customers mean more engaged customers mean more sales!

Ability to move customer queries from public to private:
It is extremely important to give customers a straightforward, easy option to privately reach your business. This will offer secure space in terms of sensitive information. It also means that if they do have a grumble, this is more likely to be directed at you in the first instance rather than them immediately deciding to publicly tweet their complaint.

This private communication channel is a win-double for companies in that it offers private customer contact that makes a customer feel special, and if any problems do arise they can be dealt with promptly. This prevents any negativity about your brand being broadcasted and shows the customer you really do care and want their business.

Chatbot integrations for increased first contact resolution:
The effectiveness of chatbot implementation is now a common thread throughout articles that advise of trends, needs, and customer experience for companies wanting to show their commitment to customer service.

Chatbot integration will be a major trend through 2018 and a cleverly, though out strategy is necessary. Achieve this and you will enable better management of workflow while automatically responding to customer requests via messaging.

Chatbots are installed with the intention of helping point customers in the right direction. This is in terms of basic information they are looking for, directing them to a relevant FAQ’s, providing differing levels of ‘self-service’ dependent upon a customer’s needs and ultimately giving your support agents breathing space to focus on those important issues requiring a human touch.

Marketing campaigns:
When you are ready to promote that new product or service, announce special offers or make tempting discounts available you need to spread your message far and wide. Social messaging is the perfect way to do this. Imagine if just 1 in 3 of your current customers shared your news with a friend (and more likely ‘friends’) just how effective this would be in terms of achieving wider recognition for your brand.

In this respect, you are looking for the “Snowball effect” so make sure the focus is getting things right in terms of a campaign that will make people sit up and notice, make them want to be a part of it and most importantly, encourage them to purchase your product.

It is the ultimate “word of mouth” recommendation:
Please do not underestimate the value of a friend telling a friend all about your product or service and just how good it is. Those listening are far more likely to take heed of the comments from someone they know as opposed to responding to general reviews or standardised descriptions.

Social media messaging is the perfect vehicle for word of mouth recommendations from friends as well as amongst communities. This clearly shows that companies looking to impact their sales figures in a positive way should hop on board this highly effective communication medium right now.