You have taken your time to create an eloquent landing page, and you are generating some traffic. However, you can’t help but wonder if you are on the right track. So you are now asking yourself, “What is a good conversion rate for my landing page?” You are not alone. Most marketers find themselves in this predicament.

In this article, we’ll give you some insight into what a good conversion rate looks like, and without further ado, let’s get into it.

A good conversion rate varies across the board. It is not as clear cut as you might have hoped. It depends on what industry your business belongs to and the kind of services or products you deal with.

Data from WordStream averages the conversion rate across all industries at 2.35 %. If your figures look anything like this, then you are probably not doing too badly. But, you could still do better.

The top 25% websites have an average conversion rate of 5.31 % going up. The top 10% can attain a conversion rate of 11% or more. Though you can use this data as a benchmark for your page, you should know that it is collective; it doesn’t reflect on the performance of a single page.

Unbounce carried out extensive research on conversion rates across ten industries. Some of these industries included health, home improvement, credit, and real estate. The average conversion rate still fell within 3.5- 5 %.

Where does your conversion rate stand? If it is not good enough when compared to what you have seen so far, you can do something about it.

You could improve your landing page and break into the top 25%. Below are a few tips that can help you catapult your landing page conversion rate above average.

Reduce the risk involved

People don’t like to invest in something that doesn’t have an assured value. This means you’ve got to make your landing page convincing. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of customer testimonials.

Your prospects will feel more comfortable doing business with you after reading positive customer testimonials. This is because the testimonials are an assurance that your products or services work.

Urgency and scarcity

Customers aren’t in a hurry to pay for something that will always be available. But scarcity is something that makes them act quicker. Therefore, the impression that your product is only available for a limited period may convert more leads.

Use words like ‘now’ and ‘instant’ on your landing page to create a sense of urgency. You have to follow this up with quality products and services to build trust with clients. Companies such as Amazon have done this time and time again.

Avoid distractions

Landing pages can be confusing to your audience, especially if they are not well-targeted. Your visitors might miss out on the most important message. And if that happens, your conversion rate will be poor.

Place your CTA message where your visitors can see it. If you want them to subscribe, don’t place your CTA at the bottom of an article. Moreover, some people don’t scroll through a page to the bottom.

Ensure that all the information is impeccably presented. Your landing page should be more alluring. It shouldn’t have so much going on to the point that it overwhelms your audience. The visuals should be easy to the eye. So long as you get this right, there is no reason why the landing page shouldn’t convert more leads.

Communicate your value

Your website visitors are looking for value. But it all depends on how you package it. It doesn’t matter how much value you are offering if your prospects can’t see it. Probably, your value is not well expressed. Your landing page content should be visible. Remember, your content is what drives the audience to click on your CTA.

As you create your copy, focus on how your product or service could help solve a problem. This will undoubtedly appeal to your audience.

Now that you know what a good conversion rate looks like, you don’t have to settle. Strive to make your landing stand out. It should be a continuous process, so try to experiment with different ideas until you get one that works. You are likely to learn a lot from the experience.