This is the person within an organization that is tasked with monitoring, filtering, executing and measuring the social media presence of a brand, corporation, individual or even product. Just like any high-ranking marketing position, social media managers need to have various skill sets to enable them to create captivating content that can convert followers into loyal customers.

The top 5 skill sets a social media manager should have

Graphics production

According to research, articles that contain images receive 94% more views than those that don't. It is for this reason that a social media manager should have the necessary skills to conceptualize and create attention-grabbing images to attract more awareness to your company and engage customers.

Ability to write

The manager should have a good grasp of the language, and the aptitude to express themselves in writing since 99% of their communication will be in writing.

A customer-service mindset

At its heart, social media is all about people, making conversations and developing leads and sales from the relationships you build online. Since more and more customers are turning to social media to get assistance from brands, it is essential that a social media manager is customer minded.

Knowledge of SEO and content marketing

Since the manager will be involved in daily management, promotion, and distribution of blog content, knowledge of SEO and content marketing is paramount.

Social advertising experience

A social media manager should have some experience with paid social ads or a willingness to learn.

What does a social media manager do?

They set goals and create extensive social media strategies

Social media managers develop unique, customized social media strategies for companies using an understanding of their goals for being on social media, brand identity, and target demographics. They create, monitor, and moderate brand promotions, marketing campaigns and company information across several social media platforms.

They develop brand awareness and the company’s online reputation

A social media manager is also responsible for managing a company’s reputation by monitoring the review sites like Citysearch and Yelp as well as locating listings like Google+Local. Since listing on these pages may be created by customers or generated automatically, social media managers are always at work searching for new listings and responding to all reviews as needed.

Social media managers respond to all questions directed to the company and comment according to the company’s voice and guidelines. They also manage social media partnerships with other brands’ social channels.

They curate, create and publish high-quality content

Social media managers are always working to produce fresh content for their company, continually generating new ideas, and measuring how well they perform. They work with other creative groups within the organization such as public relations, marketing, and the legal department to coordinate campaigns with current company initiatives and execute existing marketing campaigns.

They track and analyze key metrics

Social media managers are always expected to be on top of new trends, as well as company and industry news. They use a variety of analytic tools to track the progress of the work they are doing and use the insights to refine their social media strategy. They monitor social media analytics using free or paid tools and management apps. Some of the most popular social media management apps include:


This app makes handling multiple accounts easy. With this app, you can easily schedule posts across popular networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others.


TweetDeck is specifically used for managing Twitter. It is ideal for those looking to manage multiple accounts, reply to lots of users, follow up on specific hashtags and see what is being tweeted about your company in real time.


While this application lets you monitor and publish posts to your social accounts, it also provides closed-loop reporting data. What this means is that you will not only be seeing the channels that drive the most engagement but also track down the funnel for posts and channels that drive actual leads and sales further.

Sprout Social

This app is great for social media management. It allows users to monitor customer mentions, schedule content in advance, engage with brand advocates, as well as use reporting tools to inform future strategies.