Without a solid social marketing media marketing presence, a company will struggle to survive in the highly competitive business sector in which they operate.

This article will explain what lead generation is, and the importance of implementing an effective Lead Gen strategy.

Is the global social media customer potential worth considering?

This question should really have been a statement. Something along the lines of:

The global social media customer potential is simply staggering!

At the end of 2016 the number of people using social media was 2.8 billion. That is an increase of 21% from the previous year.

The future is also positive. Short and Long-term forecasts indicate that healthy percentage increases in numbers are set to be maintained.

So, to answer the question: YES, the global customer potential should not just be considered, it must be acted on aggressively and efficiently.

Social media strategy:
Company’s looking to be successful in their market, sell their products and/or services, continually grow their customer base, and increase brand recognition must implement a highly effective social media strategy.
This includes being clear on what kind of business model you are pursuing. Either E-commerce or lead-based.

As we are concentrating on lead generation here is a brief description of what a Lead Gen company’s business model is based around.

Lead generation aka Pipeline Marketing business model:
Business models of Lead Gen companies are based around driving marketing efforts that successfully spark customer interest, initiate product and service enquiries and securing leads that are then moved through to the purchase funnel.
How are leads acquired?

Once a customer enters contact details such as their e-mail address or telephone number via various online forms provided on a web page they are showing interest in understanding more about the company themselves, their products and/or services.
This process is known as inbound lead generation.

Scaling the ranks in terms of inbound lead generations:
If a person requires information on anything, their usual action is to use a search engine. Google being a prime example.

Progressive lead gen companies will position themselves in the market with the provision of an offering or incentive. In most cases this is offered free of charge. Examples being:

  • Downloads
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Discount coupons
  • Competitions with prizes

As we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch:What do these companies get for providing incentives ‘free’ of charge? They get a user’s personal contact information details.

While it is important to understand that no sales practice is intended during this process, it needs to be understood that the firm intention is to follow up on each of these leads in order to try and convert this ‘lead’ into a sale.

Cold calling in reverse:
A strategy often referred to as “Reverse-engineered cold-calling” has mushroomed incredibly quickly in recent years. It has proved of immense value to many companies that previously relied on tactics such as cold-calling and generalized outbound marketing efforts in attempts to flood their sales pipelines.

A lot of the old tactics, particularly cold-calling were not generally well received by unsuspecting potential customers. This often leads to the hoped-for flood being reduced to a trickle.

Find your favourite nook in the office.

By attracting potential customers who have willingly provided their contact information, and are interested in what is on offer is a highly effective method of filling a company’s sales pipeline with receptive leads.

Positive strategies for healthy lead generation:
These strategies also apply to E-commerce companies. The content posted must be:

  • Engaging
  • Valuable in terms of information offered
  • Shareable

Many organisations shout from the rooftops about statistics such as the number of site/page views and followers, but if the content you are offering is not highly engaging and interesting, little will come in terms of potential customer interest. Ensuring posts engage and they are shareable:Here are 3 major tips to ensure visitor's heads are turned and they are tempted to delve deeper while dwelling longer on your site.

Social posting – Images are a MUST:
There is overwhelming evidence that including images in posts attracts far more interest and resultant business than text-only posts.

Two types of images with increasing popularity are:

  • User-generated images: Seeing a ‘real’ customer using a company’s product or service sends a very powerful message of appreciation and brand loyalty to others.
  • Quote images: Inspirational quotes are some of the most shared content on social sites today. They can motivate, provide that ‘feel-good-factor’, have particular relevance to a person’s current situation or predicament, and are extremely easy to share.

Social posting - Include a question:
Remember you should be talking with your audience, not at them. Straightforward questions produce impressive response numbers. This, in turn, triggers a dialogue.
Social posting - A clear ‘call-to-action’ is imperative:
You need to make it clear to your audience what you want them to do. This can be as simple as:

  • Like this Post
  • Share with friends
  • Check this Blog
  • Comments below appreciated

Bottom line:

An interesting, engaging presence that offers easy sharing options will ensure Lead Gen companies get exactly what they are looking for: A vastly increased number of generated leads.