As consumer habits, purchasing and decision-making processes evolve, and their entire landscape changes, it is crucial for business entities to know when, where and how to utilize their valuable and ever more limited resources. Whether you are a seasoned or an established player in the industry, you need to devise new strategies to continue building your audience. One of the most important things you need to consider is hiring outside professionals, specifically marketing and advertising agencies.

If a company wants to strategically and creatively reach consumers, it is crucial for them to decide which of these two professionals will best accomplish their goals. Choosing the right team can help make all the difference in igniting excitement around your brand, kindling new business. Knowing and understanding the difference between these two professional entities can put your business on the path to substantial growth. Here is an in-depth explanation of the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency.

Marketing Agency

In the world of business, marketing is a single unit that is made up of different strategies, which include research, branding, positioning and separating audiences. Advertising is also a component of marketing that is used to entice and communicate with consumers. Marketing focuses on product, place, price, and promotion also known as the 4 P’s to foster relationships between businesses and their consumers. Although it deals with an overarching concept, a marketing agency is all about planning and implementing new strategies.

A marketing agency is supposed to take the products and services offered by your business from concept to users. Their main focus is on the user; they integrate these elements of marketing to grow your user base. A marketing agency will help you set your business apart from competitors by showing customers what they uniquely get from your products or services.

A marketing agency will give you a whole medley of different services from market research to pricing and distribution to bring together buyers and sellers. Research provides marketing agencies an added boost that allows them to understand their target market better. This way, the company can plan their marketing strategy based on consumer behavior pinpointing exact opportunities.

Once the marketing agency has a unique marketing strategy in place, they will need to choose a communication program that will help you meet your objectives. A marketing agency offers a broader consultative approach to help develop a marketing strategy.

Advertising Agency

While a marketing agency is overarching, advertising agencies specialize in specific elements. Their primary objective is to inform potential customers about your products and services.

Simply, an advertising agency is a single element of the marketing procedure whose main aim is to get the word out about your products and services. It involves the placement of ads in mediums such as newspapers, billboards, TVs, radio, direct mail and even on the internet.

An advertising agency does its best to find out how to reach or persuade your target audience and get your message out. They decipher the best advertising opportunities for coverage in the marketplace. By positioning your business front of potential customers, they can spark curiosity about the products or services you offer. They use the company’s marketing plan to know and understand the best methods to reach potential customers.

The ultimate goal of a creative agency is to use the media outlets carefully chosen within the marketing plan to create persuasive messaging that will influence purchase behavior. They promote a product or service by enlightening consumers about its benefits and leverage their emotions to make them feel like they relate to your brand. This, in turn, motivates the consumers to make a purchase.

An advertising agency and a marketing agency help to grow your business by communicating with consumers and promoting your brand. Since advertising is part of marketing, choosing to work with a marketing agency offers a company an additional means of reaching out to more potential clients.

A marketing agency is a generalist whereas an ad agency is a specialist. Therefore, a marketing agency looks at the bigger picture through strategic planning, market research, and sales management, as an advertising agency researches different alternatives to find out how to best reach and persuade your target audience as well as get the message out.