Salespeople are the lifeblood of a company. They can make the difference between your company’s success and failure.

That is why it is important for a business to invest its time and resources in nurturing a first class sales team. But where do you find good salespeople?

This is one of the most common problems among businesses. And while ads on various job sites will give you tons of responses, most of these applicants are not the ideal salespeople you want or need. Here are some of the key sources where you should consider looking to find good salespeople:

Within Your Organization

When searching for reliable salespeople, most businesses forget to look right under their own nose. Take the time to scrutinize the people you have employed within your organization and in other departments in the firm.

Whether it is the warehouse, receiving, shipping, stockroom or even the technical stuff, you might be able to find a good salesperson from the various departments in your organization.

The advantage of getting salespeople from your own team is that these people are already familiar with your company’s product and services. With a little training, they can easily transition into great sales reps.

From Your Competitors

You can get good salespeople from your competitors either locally or from other areas. It helps to hire salespeople from your competitor since they come into the gig talking the same talk and knowing about the industry vocab, best practices, and expectations. The advantage of hiring from your competitors is that they already know the competition, their strength and most importantly, their weaknesses.

From Suppliers

You can find good salespeople from suppliers who sell you the goods that make up your services and products. These people already have experience in the industry and are well aware of its problems and customers. In addition, you may not have to retrain them on how to sell since they have already been doing it.

From Your Firm’s Customers

Your customers already understand your firm’s products or services from the customer's view. There are high chances that they will also be familiar with your competition’s products and services, and might know of good salespeople looking for a new opportunity. And since most customers will want to be in contact with good salespeople, they will typically endorse someone who possesses the right features and characteristic to become an effective salesperson.

From Your Staff’s Friends and Relatives

Most probably, the families and friends of your staff see your company in a positive light, especially because your staff has been telling them about the good features of working in your organization. Some of your staff’s friends and relatives could be prospective employees and can make good salespeople. When asking for referrals, make sure to give as many details as possible about the ideal candidate you are seeking. Having a list of specific characters and qualifications as the reference will help you score the best sales representatives for your company.

From The Existing Sales Staff

It costs a lot more to train new people than to reassign job responsibilities to those that your company already has invested in. Sometimes, the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.

From A Reliable Sales Rep Agency

A reputable job placement service can save you a tremendous amount of time and resources. Instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes, a sales rep agency can offer you a handful of recommended candidates.

From Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn is particularly a powerful social media platform to find good salespeople. You can use this platform to advertise for sales reps. You can also scan through a candidate’s specialty, qualifications, and recommendations quickly. Most social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn hosts various groups where you can find top salespeople. Make sure to look for candidates in groups that appeal to top-class sales professionals with experience in your field.

As you seek to recruit great salespeople, you might feel the pressure to find someone or anyone willing to pound the pavement in sales. However, it is highly recommended that you do not rush through the process. Stick to a clear set of guidelines and your business will be better off. Also, remember that finding good salespeople is an ongoing process.