Technological advancements and the rise of social media may have revolutionized communication in business. However, email has not lost its place in the business world and it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anytime soon.

In fact, it is still regarded as one of the widely accepted methods of communication. Over 80% of people in business highly prefer to use email in their daily interactions.

Besides that, most businesses have incorporated emailing in their marketing strategies due to its proven effectiveness.

The New Omnichannel Marketing Strategy is one of the techniques that are using email. This can be attributed to the ability of this method to combine various forms of marketing into one seamless experience for the user.

Additionally, email is playing a key role in integrating all these interactions, providing the cohesiveness within this marketing model.

So, why is Email essential to your new Omnichannel marketing strategy?

Email Is Digital ID

In one way or another email is the ultimate digital ID in the digital world for everyone. The chances are that just as you are using this digital ID so are your customers. Think about the social media accounts held by consumers as well as other types of subscriptions. They need an email address to connect to these platforms.

What makes email essential in this sense is that your Omnichannel strategy will need it in numerous ways. This includes driving prospective customers to your landing pages, online stores as well as collecting relevant feedback.

Expansive Reach

The Omnichannel marketing technique aims for an expansive reach. Apart from reaching out to millions of people through different mediums, it is possible to reach them through their mobile phones. Most people read their email from every corner of the world and while on the go.  Moreover, people want to read their emails from the comfort of their phones.

Given that digital marketing is one of the most far-reaching ways of the marketing process, it makes email a crucial part of Omnichannel marketing.

Customer support

Customer support is important as it helps alleviate issues that your customers may be facing with your products or services. Email is one of the preferred ways to offer customer support. As much as most companies are using social media to offer customer service, email is being used even more. In fact, it is one of the most trusted and effective methods.

Omnichannel marketing largely encourages customer support, which makes email essential in the execution of your strategy.

Marketing Automation

Omnichannel Marketing is closely intertwined to marketing automation. The need is even more as you will need to combine several methods of marketing, including the brick and mortar techniques as well as digital marketing through social media platforms.

Given the massive data involved in this process, email can help you gather most of it. It also plays a critical role in sending out important information through newsletters and subscriptions. Simply, email is heavily involved in interlinking different aspects of omnichannel marketing.


Customers in today’s world will not hesitate to mark your email as spam if it is not relevant. Moreover, a customer will even go as far as unsubscribing from your email if they deem the information as not beneficial. Email plays a critical role in helping you to identify the preferred devices by customers. Also, you get to know when those customers are more willing to read your emails.

This is some of the information that you need to help you predict future actions as well as forecast future purchases. It also helps you identify the favourable personalized content to use in your strategy.

Email holds a major responsibility in your Omnichannel marketing technique. As you look to improve and offer superior customer shopping experience, email forms the foundation. It is the unifying bit.

If you leverage email extensively and wisely, you can easily open the doors for successful Omnichannel marketing plans.

Omnichannel experience requires email communication to connect different parts that make it whole. From the moment a customer clicks on an ad online and makes a purchase to the moment that money is paid online, an email must be used to convey important information.