Facebook has continually evolved through making various changes to improve its suitability as well as introduce new interactive features. It made some significant changes on Facebook Pages in a bid to offer more support to small businesses.

The changes were geared towards combating the rising challenges of reach and engagement, which are undermining the marketing efforts of businesses on the social media platform.

Facebook Pages are now becoming the face of local and small businesses. Moreover, a Facebook Page can now harbour important information, similar to websites. You will find that people are now turning to Facebook Pages whenever they need to quickly access information concerning a certain business. In fact, you can now book a service or purchase a product through a Facebook Page. In this article we will look at some of the changes that have occurred, rendering the Facebook News Feed less important.

Action Buttons

Action buttons are available on Facebook Pages. These buttons are influential in the sense that people can tap on one of them to either reserve a seat in a particular event, order a specific product, send a message or book a hotel room.

However, you can't do this on the News Feed. For you to benefit from this incredible action feature, you just need to get to your Facebook Page settings and select the most relevant button for your business.

Displaying business information

Facebook Pages now allow businesses to display important information for their target audience. Crucial information such as operating hours, directions and prices of items can be conveniently featured. You can also include essential details such as the main service you offer or showcase your best product. Also, whenever you have offers and discounts, you can highlight them on your Facebook Page and your customers will easily find them.

Facebook Stories

A few years ago, Facebook unveiled an incredible Stories feature. It has since caught on and Facebook has been experimenting it with different ideas. The intent is to allow people to interact with brands easily.  Due to the fact that people can now access Stories through the page profile photo, News Feeds are becoming less important.


Reviews and recommendations are one of the most effective ways businesses can build their customer base. The chances are that, if somebody you know recommended you to buy a certain product,  you would be more inclined towards purchasing that product based on how well you know this person.

More so, people seek recommendations from others all the time because they want to find a service or a product that will not let them down. For example, If you are new in a certain town and want to find a perfect joint for a meal, drink, or simply a motel to spend the night, you might want to ask one of your friends who are well acquainted with the area.

Facebook now gives people a chance to recommend your business to others through sharing your Page. Apart from the written information, you can also include your business photos. Note that recommendations help people to track businesses easily while looking for similar services or products like yours.

Ticket sales

Facebook Events are massive. Millions of people visit this feature each month to gather more information concerning different events. Luckily, a business can promote the events they are hosting, and sell tickets right from their Facebook Pages. This is convenient for the people interested in attending specific events since they can buy tickets conveniently.

Given that you can now create an event invitation and even go as far as sending it to groups, the Facebook News Feed is seemingly losing its importance.

With the changes that Facebook has made over the recent years, it is a no brainer that your business promotion efforts are better catered for on the Facebook Page. The News Feed is no longer necessary, especially for the basic information that your business needs to put out there.

Crucial information can be found through your page without frequently updating it, unlike the feed which handles throngs of postings displayed and according to their relevance. If you post something on your News Feed, it might be hard for clients to easily find it because other posts will be posted and rank much better, thus undermining your marketing efforts.