Are you trying to better your engagement and reach on Twitter? A good place to start from would be conducting a thorough analysis of your current followers.

This will help you figure out whether there are any fake or dormant followers on your list.

While analysing your followers, it is paramount to check their level of activity, as well as how many followers they’ve got. If you have followers without a profile picture, that should raise an eyebrow. Bios or any other form of description on a follower's account also matters. If there is hardly any or it looks shady, then there could be a problem pertaining to the authenticity of that particular follower.

Twitter is known to have bots; this means that a portion of your followers may just be software programmed accounts. Usually, such accounts just happen to follow you because of certain keywords or hashtags they are designed to automatically follow.

Such followers do not contribute to your account by liking, commenting on your posts or clicking on your links, and definitely will not be buying your product or services. Furthermore, fake and inactive followers can derail your account and ruin your presence on Twitter.

However, if your followers have a healthy level of interaction with your posts through commenting, liking your posts and clicking on your links, your efforts, and experience on Twitter will be fruitful.

So, what can you do to safeguard your engagement and reach on Twitter?

Get rid of the fake followers

If you have an impressive number of followers on Twitter, fake accounts will fancy and target you even though that is the last thing you want. It is not necessarily dangerous to have fake/bot accounts following you; nevertheless, you need to limit them. If they increase to a large number, they could undermine your efforts of building a brand on Twitter.

In case you are wondering how to limit this kind of accounts, there are some helpful tools to help you through. TwitterAudit is an incredible tool that estimates the number of bot accounts that are clinging on to your account. You get a free audit the first time, but after that, you need to upgrade the tool so that you can remove the fake accounts. Its auditing ability can cover up to 10000 followers. You can enjoy the benefits of this tool for $ 4.99 a month.

Remove the dormant followers

This can be real followers with genuine accounts, but inactive when it comes to engaging with your content. They don't click or comment on your posts, neither do they follow your links to check out your product.

Untweeps is a tool that can help you extensively remove and block those followers who are real, but barely provide any value for your business. It is a user-friendly tool that is geared towards blocking and unfollowing inactive followers.

If you have inactive followers that you are not following, you can turn to Audiense to help you trim them. This is a tool that helps you identify the followers who are barely active.

Note your most active followers

If there is a certain group of your followers that seems to engage with your account frequently, you need to identify them. Once you know who they are, put in some extra effort to interact with them regularly.

There are social media tools that can automatically track your most active followers and keep you posted. One of the most effective tools is the Agora Pulse. This tool is thorough as it shows the followers who retweet your updates, comment on your posts or simply mention you for a significant number of times.

For your Twitter account to perform above board, your audience is everything. A relevant audience maintains the activity as well as boosts your engagement and reach. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy Twitter account that can take your brand to places, you ought to put in the work.

The only way to do this is to keep auditing your account and weeding out the followers who are detrimental to your Twitter account as identified above. Do not forget to engage your favourite followers from time to time and keep the conversation going. Good luck!